Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Christmas Soaps 2016

I've been getting into the festive spirit and making some glittery and pepperminty Christmas soaps. I love the smell of peppermint and especially love it in soap - it is so refreshing and energising in that morning shower! And, of course, it smells like candy canes.

This one I called MERRY MINT.

I did a drop swirl - poured white batter into the mould then dropped red and green coloured batter into it from varying heights. Each bar is like a little picture.

This one I called PEPPERMINT CHRISTMAS for a lack of imagination.  It's a 3-colour tiger swirl with a red soap ball on top and gold glitter. It, too, smells like candy canes.

And lastly, my favourite. This one is STAR OF WONDER. It has a wonderful spicy essential oil blend of clove bud, lemon myrtle and cinnamon leaf. Activated charcoal gives it the dark night sky colour.



  1. ohhh my! you're very clever with your soap making, i still have trouble getting the basic soap to go right!
    such beautiful soaps
    thanx for sharing